Why Does My Mattress Smell Musty ?

Buying a new beautiful mattress for your own bedroom might seem like the best option to do once you have decided to get something fresh for your furniture. Although that is what you need to do in the beginning, I must tell you that you also need to keep in mind that such a memory foam mattress might smell mildew and moldy and you’ll have yourself wondering over time: why does my mattress smell musty?

That’s super normal especially if your mattress is getting old ( +3 years) and not cleaned regularly. So you don’t need to worry about anything because basically having a musty smell on your memory foam mattress is predictable once the mattress gets older. However, after you find out the smell on your mattress you must search especially for a solution for it, right?

Well, glad yourself, because we will share with you the 4 steps you need to follow to clean up your mattress properly.

• Vacuum the mattress
• Clean the mattress with water and alcohol
• Spray the mattress with water and vinegar
• Put the mattress outside

Step 1 :

To start off, you need to vacuum your musty mattress with a vacuum cleaner. This step is super important as you want to make sure that you remove initially the mildew from your bed. As you finish it, I want you to make sure that you empty your vacuum cleaner so that the mold doesn’t get spread over the air.

Step 2 :

Now, you might be wondering that only using a vacuum cleaner is capable of removing the dust and the mold from your mattress. Well, you’re wrong. See, you need also to use many other variables that might sound optional but they are really necessary. Such variables are water and alcohol that you mix them together and you put them on your mattress’s area where it’s musty. You can repeat this step with hot water to make it even more effective.

Step 3 :

Once you’ve finished the last step, move to this one where you’ll need to mix, again, water and vinegar. Why ? Well, it’s a mix that you must put in your spray bottle and spray it over the same areas with musty mildew along with baking soda over the surface of your mattress. Once you’re done, leave your mattress all the night with the mix over it and in the morning clean it simply by a vacuum cleaner.

Step 4 :

The last step that you must take is to put your memory foam mattress into the sun. Because this last will help it to recover from the mildew by destroying it. If you can’t put your mattress outside the house then just make sure it is half-outside the window so that it gets a little bit rayons of the sun. You don’t need to put your whole musty mattress on the sun, just the mildew areas.

Good luck