Ted Stevens Anchorage airport

The airport boost to being the world largest and busiest floatplane base with less than 9.5 hours from 90% of the industrial world. It is second in the U.S.A for cargo aircraft giving Memphis a run for its money. It is also among the top five in cargo throughout.

Annually, over five million passengers receive services through this airport. It is responsible for nearly 15,577 airports, community jobs earning 1 billion dollars.

Historical perspective

Anchorage International Airport was set up when Alaska was still a territory. This was approved by the U.S Congress in May 1948. This was to develop airports in Anchorage.

The construction, ownership, and operations of the facility were under the Civil Aeronautics Commission, a predecessor to the Federal Aviation Administration. This came into existence in 1958. Until 2000, it was known as Anchorage Internationa Airport.

It was renamed to honor the longtime Republican Senator from Alaska, Ted Stevens. Alaska became the 49th state in the United States on January 3rd, 1959, six months later the U.S transferred the ownership of the Anchorage airport to the new state.

Anchorage airport parking

Space is vital in our daily lives to be it short term or long term. This determines how we plan for our activities to suit the needs we have. Ted Stevens Airport covers large geographical areas and facilitates air transport amenities to hundreds of people daily. The airport has over 50 destinations available.

Anchorage airport parking is represented by standardized solutions for vehicle parking. This has eased movement to the airport from the city to less than 15 minutes by car.

The airport asserts to having all the abilities for easy vehicle accommodation. You will find a variety of parking options as per your purpose and needs.

There are short term and long term parking options, ride and fly, private oversized parking area and the cell phone parking bay.

Short term parking is available to the southern parking terminal garage and the northern parking lot. The long term parking is arranged in the Southern terminal. The cell phone parking bay is free. Passengers meet the drivers there and this is good since the drivers do not pay money. It has 15 parking bays during the weekdays and doubles that number on weekends,

Parking rates

You will realize that in the U.S. most parking rates are standardized hence you won’t be bombarded with hefty parking fees, You have options to choose from.

Short term parking in the south will cost you 3 dollars for 30 minutes to 1 hour. The best part is that for the first 30 minutes it is unrestricted for travelers. 30 minutes non-charge parking is available in the northern International station bay. This is cheaper than by 1-2 dollars compared to the other parking in the domestic terminals.

It will cost you 2 dollars an hour to park in the long term parking bay which gives you only 90 days. The weekly price is 78 dollars. The park, ride and fly will cost 9 dollars a day, 40 dollars a week and 100 dollars monthly. One cannot stay more than 90 days.

Airport services

Anchorage International Airport asserts to having restaurants and cafeterias. Shops that are duty-free. Transportation access through car rental services ans also parking access. WIFI access has been guaranteed. There is airport paging for the southern and northern terminals. Baggage and freezer storage.

History of Ted Stevens Anchorage airport