Social Media has become one of the most talked-about phenomena in the world. Not only has it impacted the personal lives of the masses, but it has also completely changed the dynamics of the businesses that operate in all the industries in the world. Owing to the internet and social media, thousands and perhaps millions of small scale and large scale businesses have started to carry out operations online. This is primarily because online businesses are not only convenient, but they also provide an edge for the customers. However along with legal businesses some fake accounts started to appear. For some it is just for fun and for some fake account is a way of making money. Nowadays with thousands of bots and fake accounts, a lot of Instagram growth services start to use these fakes to “grow” their clients’ accounts. However their are good services that don’t use fake accounts and some of them even have promotions like free Instagram followers trial.

From the customer’s point of view, online businesses may be a blessing in many cases since they can get their favorite product or service delivered to their doorstep within a matter of days without having to do much.

Social media consists of hundreds of different platforms that help carry out these online operations for businesses, but most notable and most useable is Instagram. Instagram, an online application originally founded for users to generate and share content online, ranging from texts, captions, photos, and videos, etc. Now, however, the prime purpose of using Instagram for many individuals and firms is to promote and advertise content and to conduct buying and selling online. Indeed, Instagram has provided millions of people with a safe and secure platform to conduct business, which is not only easy to use but also very useful.

What is the Prime Motive?

For any business, the prime motive is obviously to make money. In other words, the main motive behind any business is to generate sales and revenues. On Instagram, this can only be possible if the business account has maximum followers. This is because having the maximum followers can enable businesses to expose their content to the maximum amount of people. To do this, the businesses focus on strategies that allow them to get more and more followers, which will enable maximum reach and engagement. There are many ways to go about this. For some businesses using Instagram growth services is the way to go; for some just focusing on doing the basics right is the right approach.

How many Instagram Accounts Are Fake?

Actually, you can’t tell how many of those accounts on Instagram are fake, but there are a lot of them. To get maximum followers, people and businesses tend to use cheap tactics and actually “buy followers.” This approach is exceptionally harmful and harms the image of the business since the business is portrayed as one that is unoriginal and inauthentic. There are hundreds and thousands of Instagram accounts that carry out this activity, and even in some cases, many of them turn out to be fake. Fake accounts either try to rip off other accounts’ content or share the same brand name in an attempt to waive off their sales. Either way, these accounts can be reported by the users, and Instagram can look at the matter and block the account permanently.

How many Instagram Accounts Are Fake?