Do you engage an Instagram organic growth service? What about ad promotion? And purchasing likes and followers? Instagram account users want to have an online presence by all means. After all, the social media platform boasts of more than 1 billion active Instagram users. Any brand will want a piece of that cake. Companies and brands will want to increase their growth, have a greater following and in the end, drive traffic their way. This should increase sales and revenue. However, not every move you make might be profitable for you.

Some actions may ruin your Instagram growth before it even kicks off. By avoiding or stopping the following, you put yourself on the right path to make some major gains in the industry.

Purchasing likes and followers

This is one common mistake that many Instagram brands and users do- buying likes. While it might be a quick way to gain traction, it is a well-devised hoax.

The problem with purchasing followers is that they cannot interact in any of the content that you post. You must remember that the end goal of every strategy/tactic must be geared towards engaging and interacting with your target audience. This will devalue your account since fake engagement cannot cheat the almighty and powerful Instagram algorithm.

Lack of a website in your bio

Once a follower has interacted with your content and also perused through your profile, what next? Do they just drop a like, subscribe, and move on? That should not be the case. This mistake is costing Instagram brands and users a substantial amount of sales. Since the said follower is already interested, you should milk every ounce of their interest by adding a link to your bio.

Influencer marketing

The effect of influencer marketing cannot be underestimated. Influencers have gained a fair bit of popularity and have massive authority over their target audience. A nod from them and you can be enjoying sales through the roof. It has been reported that consumers will have greater confidence in a certain service or good once it has been given a stamp of approval by a rated influencer.

But don’t just go for any influencer. Use one who has a direct influence on your target audience or industry. That way, you can enjoy better value for money once you engage in their services.

Poor Quality Videos and Photos

You must remember that Instagram is a highly visual medium. Facebook and Snapchat cannot even compare. That said all your posts must of high quality. You might have to invest in high-definition cameras or devices. You might also need to look into editing applications. The investment will be worth it as they will lure in a potential client from the onset.

Frequency of posting

Every industry is unique and therefore this is one tip that might be different for each Instagram account. Depending on the needs of your industry, you might need only to post once a day. Others might need more. The right balance is required to maintain your followers and not be forgotten.

Instagram Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Profile
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