The Fort Lauderdale Airport is also known as the Hollywood International Airport. It was first established back in May 1929 as the Merle Fogg Airfield. The airport was later named as the Fort Lauderdale Airport a few years later. Back in the year 2018, it served around 36 million passengers. Now, the Airport has expanded to an extent that it hosts over 40 million passengers each year. It also offers different services like airport parking. The Fort Lauderdale Airport parking fees are said to be around 3$-4$/hour. Due to the number of passengers being served, it is ranked 18th as far as total passenger traffic is concerned. Internationally, it is ranked 10th in all of United States for the international passengers it serves at the airport. Similarly, back in 2017, it served around 33 million passengers. This number has greatly increased from the original number. Back in 1959, this same number reached 134,733 passengers only. This change in number greatly shows the extent to which the airport has become busy in terms of the different passengers and airlines traveling to and fro the airport.

The most interesting thing is that the land allotted for the airport was originally a huge golf court which was played on by then President Warren Harding in 1921. The course was destroyed in the 1926 Hurricane disaster. This golf course was purchased in 1928 in the honor of World War 1 aviator Merle Fogg for a mere sum of $1,200. Fort Lauderdale took control of this airfield in 1929 after which he improved all the runways and also constructed different buildings. In 1942, the Navy converted this field into a naval airbase known as Air Station Fort Lauderdale. This was converted into the airbase with the primary goal of train pilots to fly different torpedo bombers. For the purpose of Air Station, three new runways were constructed along with different barracks, buildings of administration as well as a control tower. This was done with the basic purpose of creating a completely new airbase. The airbase soon became home to over 3,500 Navy personnel with over 120 different aircraft based on the airbase.

The airbase was so well constructed that many officials termed it as the best place to train and practice for the navy personnel. Another major factor for this was because of the fact that the airbase was very flat and the weather over there was good all year long. Enisgn George W.H. Bush was one of the most famous students who used this airbase for practice. At the tender age of 18, he became the Navy’s youngest aviator and eventually also the 41st President of the United States of America. After the war ended, the station closed in the year 1946. It was not functional for two years until 1948. In the year 1948, Boward County started leasing it from the Navy and it was renamed as the Broward County International Airport. The overall service just for the passengers began in the year 1953 and continues to date. Eventually, the airport was renamed again to Fort Lauderdale Airport.

Is Fort Lauderdale Airport the same as Hollywood International?