Airports are often busy depending on the number of passengers or the income earned after each financial year.  The size of the airport also determines how busy it is, as more people are likely to travel with a large airline compared to a small one.

Airports close to bust places are more likely to be busy compared to those in less busy areas. For example, the airport near port St Lucie. St Lucie is a lace of recreational activities such as golf and people regularly travel there, making airports around the area busy. Others include:

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

With approximately 103.9 million passengers, it is known for the favorable geographical location that connects both international and domestic destinations. With such numerous passengers, it is typically chaotic and to avoid all this, ensure you get there earlier to get ample time for your tickets to be checked.

Los Angeles International Airport

Handling around 84.5 million passengers in California connecting to Asia and the Pacific, it is the second-largest airport in the US. It handles both domestic and international flights, allowing flight cargo as well. This airport is not as chaotic as Hartsfield, although their destinations vary.

LAX incorporates online services, hence you do not have to physically go to their offices to book a flight. They also have good and favorable policies in place that work for most people.

O’Hare International Airport

This is the third-largest airport in the world. Serving approximately 230 destinations in the world, the passengers range at 79.8 million passengers annually. Located in Chicago, it also acts as an airport for domestic flights within the USA.

Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport

With approximately 75 million passengers annually, it serves 260 destinations, with 193 of these being domestic and 67 being international.

The team is also friendly with innovations to ensure all the passengers are comfortable and are comfortable. It is also advanced in technology compared to other airports.

Denver International Airport

Handling around 61 million passengers annually, it serves 215 destinations in the world and 189 destinations domestically. This makes it the second-largest domestic airport in the USA.

Having one of the longest runways, it handles large planes that need power for airlifting. This makes it one of its airplanes largest in the domestic sections.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

It is one of the busiest international airports in North America. It is known to hub local airlines with over 90 airlines. Animals can also be handled or transported from this airport to other destinations.

Having a section in New York, it also handles a lot of people, making it the 6th largest airport in the world.

San Francisco International Airport

Located in California, it functions in almost the same destinations as LAX. It handles around 56 million passengers annually for both international and local destinations.

This airport also connects Europe and Asia and other United Airlines. If you plan on traveling to those destinations, consider SFO.

In conclusion, these are the busiest airports in the USA. Passengers are spoilt for choice as they can move to any destination.

Top 7 Busiest Airports In The USA
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