Airport Parking is one of the most important concerns for travelers flying into or from airports. Understanding the different types of airport car parking services that airports generally offer and the suitable type to choose, is very essential. Your choice will surely depend on your travel program and your destination from the airport. Airport Parking rates vary by type and it will be good to save some money and your precious time, using the parking you’ll pick. For example, if you’re well informed, you won’t go to an indoor parking service that costs more than open parking. Here are the types of airport parking lots to choose from.

Short Term And Long Term Parking 

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Every major airport anywhere in the world has classified parking facilities into two main types of bays as follows:   

Short-term parking

It simply means daily parking. These are parking spaces found not very far away from the airport terminal you will arrive or depart from. It involves quick dropping off and picking up of travelers. Payment of rates for the short-term car parking service is on an hourly basis, and the car owner can as well get a discount if the car stays for a particular number of days.    

Long-Term Parking

long term airport parking

Long term car parking service at the airport is meant to offer shelter to cars for quite a long time, such as for four to five days and beyond. Parking your car in the long term section is cheaper than at the short-term lot. When the busy season comes, securing a place for your car in this parking becomes a nightmare, and only advanced booking will help you get a parking space. So, this seasonal rush should make you book earlier instead of finally lacking space and going for the expensive per hour parking. 

Terminal Parking

The term Terminal Parking is mostly used by American in US airports. It is the type of parking that passengers can access from the departure level only. The terminal parking is mostly made up of many four parking structures. This type of parking works with height restriction which bars certain vehicles from entering the rent parking lot.

Valet Parking

Valet Parking is also known as Meet and Greet Parking. Here is a service that can serve you immensely, especially if you’re running short of time and are not able to have a shuttle to take you to the terminal. In that situation, handing over the charge of your car to Valet, the man who will safely park you, is necessary.

Terminal Curbside Parking

If your friend is the one to drive you to the airport, you should watch out where to park the car before removing the luggage and rushing it into the airport. Generally, another name for curbside parking is quick unloading or loading, and the driver must be extremely fast and can’t stay more than the specified period.

If you think airport parking is expensive or inconvenient for some reason, try some alternatives to airport parking such as parking in a nearby hotel whose shuttle will take you to the airport.

Types of Airport Parking