People must realize that if their enemies are free to keep guns, they should, too, since the matter is not in the government’s hands since they have shown a white flag when it comes to arms and artillery laws. Owning a weapon in today’s society has become crucial, but the catch lies in the fact that not everyone should be given the license to keep one. Only people who have a soft temper and can control themselves insensitively crucial situations should keep an arm with themselves. In contrast, certain boundaries must be established on a personal level if they lack on the government level. It is due to the lack of attention given to such laws that we hear public shooting and school shooting becoming a common thing, especially in the American culture since people with disabilities and other mental disorder cannot understand the consequences of their action for which many family have lost sons, daughter, mothers, and fathers. On a global level, we must realize that the use of weapons must be catered to as they should be the last resort and hence must not be available on such loosely held laws.

While the discussing regarding the gun laws are still in dispute, gun manufacturing firms have immensely excelled in making their weapons as safe as possible since they have added a ‘safety button’ where the guns don’t shoot even if the trigger is pressed to avoid any mishap being carried out by the hands of a child or a mentally ill person. This goes on to show how much gun brands have flourished over the years. To –≥nderstand the gun industry better below are the top 5 gun manufacturers:

Smith & Wesson

Is one of the oldest gun manufacturing firm in the world, is based in the USA. Their artillery ranges from light pistols to rifles and heavyweight gun safes. Originating from Massachusetts, the firm is notorious for their pistols and revolvers. With the re-release of their most famous gun the model 29, the firms generate significant profits in the concurrent times.


Heckler & Koch

Created in 1948, originating from Germany, it is one of the most popular gun manufacturing brands within the firearm enthusiast. Having SBUs in the UK, America, and France, the gun manufacturing firm is generally known for its innovative mindset and reliability. They typically provide firearms to people ranging from the military to the professional hunters. Their artillery includes grenade launcher to rifles and semi-automatic pistols.

Glock G.m.b.H

The tier of top gun manufacturers can never complete within the name ‘Glock’ on it. Reigning from Austria, the brand was established in 1963, and today the firm has successful business ventures in the USA, UK, and Argentine. They are the only suppliers of the Glock 29, 17, and 19 in the world.

Winchester Repeater Arms

The company is one of the oldest in the list as being established in 1866 and is still going strong today. The American originated firm has a vast array of weapons dealing from shotguns to pistols, while their most notable firm arm is the Lever action rifle 1873. They are also notorious for their bolt action sniper rifles.


Originating from Italy, the firm is most popular within the army and military personal. They have been one of the innovators of the market and provide ten years of guarantees on their weapons, which shows the level of reliability they offer. They offer firearms ranging from shotguns to pistols.

What are the top 5 gun manufacturers?