Snapback is a hat that is loved by both young and old people. A baseball cap with a flat peak can be seen on a child, a boy and a girl. They are worn by those who are related to hip-hop culture. The word “snapback” originates from the jargon of American hip-hopers, which means that the caps have buckles on the back. Contrary to the fitted hats like 59fifty New Era ones, that have certain sizes, snapbacks can be adjusted.

What’s a Snapback?

Snapbacks differ from a regular baseball cap in that they have a flat peak and an adjustable clasp on the back of the head. They became very popular in the mid-2000s, in everyday life they were worn by many stars. For some performers, such as the American rapper Jay-Z, this headpiece has become a distinctive sign.
Nowadays, men’s caps with a flat peak like Obey, DC, New Era are considered cult.

Types of Snapbacks

Conventionally, this headpiece is subdivided into:
Classic, consisting of five panels, a clasp, and a flat peak;
Snapbacks with Velcro;
Snapbacks with the strap, these are worn backwards more often than others. All types of products are adjustable to the head size with the help of a clasp.
When choosing a cap, pay attention to the inscription on a caps front. In order not to look stupid, you need to know what the inscription on your head means.

How To Wear Snapbacks

Nowadays there are more and more guys and girls on the streets wearing snapbacks this makes their image more casual. Stylists recommend using caps in combination with sunglasses.
Some girls prefer the look when the cap is combined with sports suits and skirts. Models with floral prints look amazing on girls, and for the fans of bright-colored fashion stylists offer snapbacks with shouting slogans and drawings. Snapbacks look great when they are worn with loose hair, but of course you can wear them when you comb your hair into a ponytail. If this accessory is worn backwards or sideways, the look will be just excellent

Most often, these caps are acquired by young people who have an active life position, which they want to show on the streets of their city. And surely Snapbacks will remain in world fashion for a long time.

Why Snapbacks Are so Popular?